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Condensing Units

Condensing unit is used whenever there is space or weight related issues, and thus the system requires to be split. It is used to supply compressed refrigerant to a direct expansion coil in an air tunnel. It helps in conditioning the air for optimal space comfort. It involves cooling, dehumidifying, or reheating. A condensing unit can be placed as far away as 150 feet from the air tunnel.

Condensing units are heat exchangers with larger assembly, in a cooling or a refrigeration system. All of these parts: compressor, condenser, fan motor, controls and a mounting plate are assembled together in a condensing unit in our facility.

We are capable of manufacturing customized condensing units of various size and designs, for small household appliance units to very large industrial units, based on our client’s requirements.

Currently we are manufacturing condensing units for some of the biggest OEM’s in HVAC industry.

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