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Code of Ethics:

Our corporate culture is based on our values and our ethical principles which defines our relationship with people within the company and with our clients.

At KRN, it is believed that continuous success is achieved by being fair, reliable and quality driven.

We have a great sense of responsibility to maintain honesty with our colleagues, customers, suppliers & towards the society. These code of ethics help KRN to prohibit itself from indulging in unfair competition and protect companies’ resources to enhance its productivity and strengthen the roots of its management team and supporting staff.

Honesty & Loyalty

To stand with our commitments made professionally. Keep transparency in our working style with our customer and suppliers to establish trust in all relationships.

Commitment to Excellence

Uncompromised quality ethics followed by executives who desire excellence while performing their duties. Constant search for improvement to achieve excellence all the times.

Reputation & Moral

We seek to protect and build our company’s good reputation by constantly remembering our morals – respecting all and doing the right thing.

Concern for Others

To have a sense of compassion, benevolence, caring attitude and kindness for all. Achieving business objectives in a manner that causes no harm to anyone and brings good to all.


To stand and support what is principally RIGHT even when there is great pressure to do otherwise and thus maintain company’s integrity.

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